Welcome to Internationals School

School Building

The School which is housed on a sprawling campus has 3 three-storied buildings. Spacious laboratories, a library and reading room, computer labs & audio/ visual lab are added facilities. There is also an auditorium in the school. An astrodome over the rectangular space in the middle to the building provides a protected enclosure for the School assembly. The classrooms are designed so as to allow enough floor-space and adequate ventilation for the children. Each classroom is equipped with facilities to provide excellent teaching-learning experiences and for display of charts, maps and models.


It is a store house of information with reference books, reading materials, periodicals for students of all age groups as well as teachers. Approximately 3000 books of different topics are available for reference as well as for lending. A library period is allotted to each class where in the teachers encourage the students to enrich their vocabulary and enhance their expression skills

Science Lab

The laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, evs and Life Sciences provide experimental facilities in all branches of science. The school can boast of excellent lab facilities.

Computer Lab

The school has two well-equipped Computer Laboratories. The Senior and junior Labs have state-of the art Pentium-IV systems equipped with multimedia kits. Internet facility is also available in the school. Apart from these, the labs have a scanner, CD-writer, printers etc. The children are given hands on experience with the latest software and are taught by well-trained computer professionals.

Multimedia Lab

The school has an excellent Audio Visual Room with a large number of CD’s and Video cassettes and a state of the art LCD Projector. Children are taken to the lab to have a visual treat on various subjects The HCL Digi Class rooms in the school is an excellent teaching aid.

Play Ground

The school has well equipped play grounds for Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Cricket, Throw Ball, Basket Ball, Kho-Kho and Tennis.


Children can go to the canteen during the Short Interval or Lunch and have sumptuous quality food.


The school has a very active alumni. Many students who have passed out of the school visit their Alma Mater very often.

Fire Safety

The school has very standard fire safety equipments to be used in any emergency.


The school has a fleet of 10 well equipped vehicles. The lists of the children travelling in a particular route are available in the bus for the necessary monitoring of the students. Each bus has a conductor to take care of the students during the journey. Regular maintenance work of the vehicles is undertaken. The work force comprises drivers /conductors supervised by a conveyance in-charge. A spare vehicle is always kept aside along with a spare driver to meet any contingency.