Board Members

The Executive Council is composed of the Following Members:

  • Prof.Kakarla SubbaRao, Chairman
  • Dr.B.BhaskarRao, Vice Chairman
  • Mrs.V.Sunitha, Secretary
  • Mr. K. Sushrut, Executive, Jt. Secretary / Treasurer
  • Mrs.K.Shobha Rani, Additional Secretary
  • Dr. M.Rao Tummala , Member
  • Dr.M.V.R. Prasad, Member
  • Mr. M. V. Subba Raju, Member
  • Mrs.Sridevi, Member
  • Prof. Rama Subba Raidu, Member
  • Mrs. V Lakshmi, Principal

Prof.Kakarla SubbaRao


Prof. Kakarla Subbarao is a world-renowned radiologist. His M.S. in Radiology was at New York University of Postgraduate Medical School, New York. He worked as Professor of Radiology in Osmania Medical College and New York College of Pediatric Medicine. He is a Fellow of Royal College of Radiologists, U.K.., American College of International Physician and American College of Radiology. He has presented more than 450 papers in various conferences and published more than 250 articles. He is the Chief Editor of the recently released book on “Diagnostic Radiology” written by the Indian authors in Three Volumes. He is the sole author of the Book on “Forgotten Skull”.

Prof.Subbarao was a professor of Radiology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York until he returned to India in 1986. He has come back to India to create the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Science, Hyderabad at the behest of Late Sri N T Rama Rao, Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on honorary basis without any salary for a total period of over 10 years. He was the Chairman of Medwin Hospitals, Hyderabad. He was also Chairman of SVIMS, Tirupati. He has been the Chairman for the Indian College of Radiology and Imaging from 1993 to 1998 and National President of Indian Radiological and Imaging Association for the year 1999. he has elevated the standards of Radiology in the country. He has started Continuous Medical Education programmes and conducted more than 400 throughout the country. These services have culminated in his getting the award of “Radiologist of the Millenium” at the 53rd Annual Congress of Indian radiological and Imaging Association held at Bhopal. The Government of India has also felicitated him with a “Padmasri” for his selfless services rendered to the nation in the Field of Medicine. He was conferred “Doctor of Medicine” (HON) by N.T.R. University, Vijayawada (2003).