The International School is an exemplary Co-educational Public School established to impart education of the highest standard to children from all sections of the society. It is located a little away from Toli Chowki in Hyderabad. The setting is a six acre garden-estate, which has a fully furnished school building and spacious playing fields – an idyllic site for the pursuit of education and all-round development of the child.

The Philosophy

The primary objective of the School is to develop the faculties of the child in order to make him/her truly international in outlook and to enable him/her to successfully adapt to any socio-cultural environment. The emphasis is not merely on academic Endeavour but also on developing other faculties like reasoning and scientific temper, self discipline, social and human values, developing creative talents and aiming at achieving excellence in all fields. A firm foundation is laid for developing the child into a holistic, upright and responsible citizen with human and moral values. The school has adopted as its mottoes the four pillars of education recommended by the UNESCO International Commission on Education, namely, LEARN TO KNOW; LEARN TO DO; LEARN TO LIVE TOGETHER and LEARN TO BE.

The Staff

The Principal and members of the teaching staff are all dedicated professionals. Highly motivated and experienced they are constantly engaged in the search for innovative methods in providing effective learning experiences to the children and moulding them into ideal men and women. The Academic Council established in the school, with the Principal as its head, ensures regular supervision of class room instruction.